Are The Hodgetwins Natural Or Take Steroids?

The Hodgetwins (Keith and Kevin Hodge) are fitness model, entrepreneurs, and YouTube fitness gurus.

They gained popularity through their entertaining and informative videos, they are popular on YouTube fitness channel.

The Hodgetwins began to rise in December 2008 when they uploaded videos related to comedic, fitness, and current events and they become viral.

The reason, they became popular on the social media in the Entertainment Industry, as entrepreneurs and start their own line of clothing and supplements.

Hodgetwins got business accomplishments such as fitness models, actors, owner of the clothing line and supplement line, and social media stars

Most of the subscribers are following them for their entertainment qualities

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The majority thinks that bodybuilding is all about the bigger, whereas the social media considered a muscular perfection for the fitness.

Everyone is trying an extensive marketing technique to sell the supplements or anabolic steroids.

Even the Pro IFBB bodybuilders advertise low-quality supplements and steroids.

Are The Hodgetwins Take Steroids?

Is it true or not?

Hodgetwins steroids or natural

Let’s take a closer look at some assumptions or physical evidence that probably help you to justify the statements.

The maximum number of the viewers have doubt and confused where they got a piece of motivation to look bigger and muscular.

This study sought to evaluate the effect of GenF20 Plus increase (mean ± standard deviation) in IGF-1 levels at day 84.

In my point of view, this is not wondering in this modern age where peoples put almost everything just for an aesthetic look.

Athlete Statistics Hodgetwins

Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge

  • Weight of the body: 205-215Ibs (88.5-93.0kg)
  • Height of the body: 6’3’’ (190.5cm)

1. Natural Range Of Gaining:

According to a natural standard, Hodgetwins gaining range is natural and possible without taking a help from the steroid.

They are just 13lbs bigger than a range of natural bodybuilders

They are bigger and ripped and, even they have a very low percentage of fat in the body around 7% to 8%

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Hodgetwins are not big as an IFBB Pro, but there are other factors vary.

The bodybuilding is divided into the different classes, in which individual’s with 135lbs are not only taking anabolic steroids but also Human Growth Hormones.

Most of the bodybuilders are taking d-bol and Trenbolone for muscle gain.

We cannot predict on the basis of small only because bulking does not mean steroids, there are many individuals who take steroid for shredded excess fat as a lower percentage of the body fat.

Hodgetwins live in America and could face some legal and financial issues if they are admitted to taking steroids because they make money as Youtubers.

2. Rapid Transformation:

Hodgetwins underwent an amazing transformation and appears with aesthetic look in just a few years.

Whereas the majority would not achieve this level and it is possible by a use of steroids

11-12 years are observed for a natural transformation,  whereas juicers have done within a five year.

3. Physical Appearance:

If you are looking at the pictures of Hodgetwins so you can observe the signs of gynecomastia (bitch tits).

The development of gynecomastia is due to the steroid, result in the imbalances of hormones more dominant rise in the estrogen level.

4. Age Factor:

It Is difficult to maintain the aesthetic as the aging start because the natural level of testosterone begins to decline and there is need of testosterone replacement therapy.

That’s the reason many bodybuilders and athletes are using best t-boosters to increase testosterone levels.

Their arms are around 17-18 inches easily which is the hardest thing to maintain at 40 years old with 6’2’’

Other methods to maintain a testosterone level are anabolic steroids

Hodgetwins Nutrition

Their diet consists of 120-140 grams of protein per day because they think protein is essential to increase the body weight.

Hodgetwins workout

Their diet has a moderate level of protein managed around 2,500 calories.

According to Hodgetwins, they do not count the fats and carbohydrates, trying to eat the fats and carbohydrates in only one meal.

Some important roles of eating by Hodgetwins:

  • The main source of protein should be eggs, chicken, beef, and lean meats.
  • The best source of carbohydrate is potatoes, rice, legumes, and vegetables.
  • Always aim to eat at home, if this is not possible due to any reason, so select the healthy meal from the menu.
  • When the goal is to losing weight so the calorie range between 1800-2000 calories per day and carbohydrate intake is limited to 50 grams.
  • Limit the meal around 6 small meals per day

Hodgetwins Workout Training:

They work each of the body parts twice a week.

The reps are designed according to the type of exercises.

5-8 reps for a compound movement, 8-12 reps for an isolation movements such as bicep curls, or cable flys.

They train for the optimal growth of muscle.


The Hodgetwins are injured during service in the U.S Army.

Lower back Inf injury leads to the replacement of squat.

They replaced the squats, and deadlifts with the compound movements.

According to them: lunges, leg extensions, leg curls give them equal good results similar to the squats.

Hodge workout routine has different exercise and target areas.

Day 1 Exercises Designed For Chest, Biceps, And Triceps, Day 2 For Legs And Abs, Day 3 For Back And Arms, Day 4 For Shoulder And Abs, Day 5 For Completely Abs, And Day 6 For Rest.

Repeat the regimen.

We are all different and everyone’s body reacts differently in the result of exercises, volume, ranges of reps, and nutrition.

So if you’re planning on running a steroid cycle for the first time,

We deliver a very clear advice to the peoples. Some time you need to try a combination of routines for achieving a fitness goals


There are some peoples who said that the Hodgetwins physique is possible to achieve with a consistent workout training and genetics.

Definitely, I believe in the genetics, but gynecomastia, rapid transformation, and age factor show the steroid practice.

Hodgetwins probably use the cutting steroids for lower the body fat.

We can learn from two brothers from a small town in Virginia that power of teamwork is always best, the joined efforts probably rise us at the top of our goal.

Well, Hodgetwins have many plans for the future and trying to make their name in the World of acting.

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